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7 Tips to Stay Alive in the Event of a Plane Crash

Increases in maintenance schedules and security have made plane travel safer than ever. But, like any other mode of transportation, accidents can still occur. That being said, people who have studied past crashes have managed to glean together several steps you can take to make your chance of survival even better. Sit in the Back…
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7 Valid Reasons to Have a Dash Cam

The cost of a Dashcam starts very reasonable, under $100, and go up from there depending on the recording time offered and whether or not it records when the car is off.  Really nice (and expensive) versions will even overlay the speed, time and location based on readings from its internal GPS data. If you…
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6 Ways to Stay Alive if You Capsize Your Boat

When a boat capsizes (turns over) it can be a scary experience.  And, although some have the capability of righting themselves, most just turn into a large water hazard you’ll have to contend with. To help you be more prepared for this possibility, there are several things you’ll want to watch out for or work…
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How to Determine the Best EDC Practices

Just like there are no perfect parents, only really good ones, there is no perfect setup for an EDC.  A lot of the items you gather will have to do with your current environment and what activities you regularly engage in. For day to day routines, you’ll probably start with items like your cell phone…
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